Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS)

Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS) was founded by the University of Zagreb as a public academic institution for international scientific programmes and postgraduate studies. more...

Located in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is rich in cultural and historical monuments and is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Dubrovnik Summer Festival is held annually here, and the city is also the venue for scientific, scholarly and literary conferences and world tourist congresses. more...


Participants can be accommodated in the new "CAAS Residence" that consists of 21 single and 13 double rooms (each with bathroom, air condition, phone and Internet). It is located on the third floor of the CAAS building. more...

Promoting science and education

CAAS aims to facilitate and promote academic activities in various fields of science and advanced education in forms of specialized courses, summer schools, conferences, brainstorming meetings and other similar academic activities. more...

Decades of tradition

More than 750 scientific conferences were held at CAAS with over 36.000 domestic and foreign scientists, researchers and students, with the aim of introducing scientific novices and university-based agents with the latest achievements of individual areas. more...

International cooperation

CAAS aims to maintain and strengthen the international academic frameworks. It aims to facilitate the processes through which the national academic will come into the focus of international interest and will be appropriately recognized. more...


University of Zagreb
Centre for Advanced Academic Studies
Don Frana Bulica 4
20000 Dubrovnik


Phone: +385 20 326 300
Fax: +385 20 326 390
E-mail (centrala): office@caas.unizg.hr

Vlasta Brunsko, B.A.

Head of Office of the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies
Phone: +385 20 326 380
E-mail 1: office@caas.unizg.hr
E-mail 2: vlasta.brunsko@caas.unizg.hr