About CAAS


Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS)
was founded by the University of Zagreb as a public academic institution for international scientific programmes and postgraduate studies with the following aim:

• to facilitate and promote academic activities in various fields of science and advanced education in forms of specialized courses, summer schools, conferences, brainstorming meetings and other similar academic activities;

• to maintain and strengthen the international academic frameworks, which will bring together experts in various fields. In addition, the University of Zagreb will devote special attention to the underrepresented areas of interest, and establish appropriate programs, when needed;

• to induce timely exposure of young scientists, beginners in various fields and university teachers to the cutting edge of respected subjects, leading them immediately into the very focus of the latest academic achievements;

• to facilitate the processes through which the national academic will come into the focus of international interest and be appropriately recognized;

• to establish relevant credited courses which will attract students at various levels of degree-aimed education;

• to boost a competitive academic spirit which will bridge and harmonize the various inherited approaches of the European university tradition;

• to stimulate continuous higher education and lifelong learning as the reliable force of social cohesion.

CAAS is managed by the University of Zagreb. Head of the CAAS Office is Mrs. Vlasta Brunsko

CAAS is hosting several other institutions or permanent projects such as:

Centre for Mediterranean Studies (CMS)

• Centre for Renaissance Gardens

Inter - University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC)

CAAS conducts multidisciplinary scientific programmes such as:

• Postgraduate courses;

• International interdisciplinary workshops;

• Scientific conferences and seminars;

• Summer schools;

• TEMPUS projects - programmes of the European Commission, Directorate
General for Education and Culture;

• UNESCO programmes - series of international and national meetings dealing with world heritage (conservation, reconstruction, development);

• Research projects with international partners.

Working facilities & equipment

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